White collar crime defence

Helping you in the minimizing of the risks of business prosecution

white collar crime defence

In today’s economic, political and legal environment, the white-collar crime defence is emerging as an important element of providing comprehensive legal support for the business. The right assessment of the legality of companies operations and their staff behavior at all stages, from the planning of a new area of activity to company liquidation, avoids the risks of inspections or criminal prosecution.

Doing business is often accompanied by all kinds of inspections or investigations in the framework of criminal proceedings. During inspections, it is always necessary not only to passively participate in them, but to take an active position to protect business and, in some cases, even communicate with representatives of the public, authorities or law enforcement agencies. During criminal investigations, it is important for business to minimize all negative consequences and avoid mistakes. After all, any mistake made can cost your business reputation, financial losses and the initiation of additional criminal actions.

Most often, companies are faced with the need to protect their C-level managers and shareholders from criminal prosecution by the prosecutor's office, the National Police, and the Security Service of Ukraine. This can happen due to mistakes made by the business in reporting, within active growth of the company at the market, frequent publications in the media, cooperation with risky counterparties, or when the managers and owners of companies violate the effective legislation, as a result of which there are grounds for criminal prosecution of the whole business.

Criminal prosecution of a business is also related with searches, interrogations and surveillance not only of C-level management, but also of ordinary employees. There are a number of other procedural actions, for example, the seizure of equipment or other business assets, which completely blocks any business operations and the ability to continue doing business after the termination of the investigation. All these procedural actions can be avoided by carefully examining the circumstances of the case in order to use all available legal remedies.

Therefore, if a criminal case is unavoidable, you need to consult with attorneys at law with experience and understanding of the applicable specifics of the law.

How we can help

Law Firm Availawle lawyers advise on various aspects of the application of criminal law in the area of combating economic, tax and white-collar crimes, help to assess and minimize existing risks and assist in formulating internal policies and procedures that help to ensure compliance with the requirements of laws, regulations, rules and policies of supervisory and law enforcement authorities.

We provide
Conducting corporate security trainings
Accompanying searches
Preparing responses to investigators` inquiries
Preparing responses to attorneys’ inquiries
Defense from prosecutors` pressing
Appealing against decisions of an investigating judge
Appealing against decisions of an investigator and prosecutor
Conducting attorneys` investigations
Recovery of damage caused by a crime