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When buying or selling real estate in Ukraine, it is always difficult to predict whether the other party will be able to fulfill its obligations. For this reason, it is important not only to sign a real estate sale and purchase agreement, but to check all the necessary data and documents in order to maximally protect yourself from unforeseen negative situations that so often happen on the real estate market in Ukraine.

The process of buying real estate also depends on the legal status of real estate, its "history", whether the property has been put into commission, legal owner of title of real estate, litigations on real estate and many other factors. There are many potential pitfalls, including the risk of being contacted by fraudsters, government penalties if a deal is mishandled, and higher property purchase costs.

Only after analyzing all the factors in a comprehensive manner, it will be possible to infer whether the purchase of real estate is legal and which risks may arise in the future.

In view of this, for the safe purchase of real estate, it is best to contact a real estate attorney at law at the early stage of the transaction. Such a decision can help you save a lot of time and money.

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Our real estate attorneys at law are committed to understanding your goals, finding optimal solutions, and supporting projects of any complexity on sale and purchase, and lease of real estate.

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Developer Due Diligence
Legal reviewing agreement with the Developer
Due diligence of Real Estate on the secondary market
Supporting transaction on Real Estate purchase
Supporting obtainment of ownership of Real Estate
Drafting and analyzing a lease agreement