IT law

Helping you navigate the world of technologies

It businessThe world of technology is evolving rapidly and with it the applicable laws as well. Regardless of whether you are a private entrepreneur or the owner of an IT company, applicable laws and regulations can become a problem if they are not followed.

IT law is much more than placing terms of use at a company's website or drafting documents for the development of a digital product. IT law is also associated with minimizing risks and identifying issues important for IT business, including taxes, obtaining licenses, employment of personnel, and business protection.

Getting it right can bring big profits but there are many potential pitfalls, including higher costs, regulatory penalties, and extraordinary inspections of the IT business.

How we can help

 Our team is committed to understanding your goals, finding optimal solutions, and supporting IT projects of any complexity.

We provide
Building up a corporate structure of IT business
IT company taxation consulting
Drafting documentation for websites
Drafting contracts for IT business
Drafting and analyzing coworking documentation
Establishing R&D centers in Ukraine
Consulting on the risks of cooperation with a PE
Obtaining a license for a Fintech project
Supporting investment in a startup
Terms of use for the website
Supporting projects with virtual assets
Confidential information protection
Drafting documentation for ISO, PCI DSS audits