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ImmigrationImmigration rules in the current realities are constantly changing. Whether you are a foreigner wishing to immigrate to Ukraine, a foreign or Ukrainian company wishing to employ migrant workers, implementing immigration rules and regulations can be challenging.

Immigration does not mean just relocating from one country to another. It is rather obtaining all the necessary permits and documents like a visa, residence permit, tax identification number in order to legalize your stay in the country. Immigration law is also associated with the representation of a non-resident in government agencies and the identification of issues on his taxation, employment and the acquisition or lease of real estate.

Getting it right can help you save a lot of time and money. However, there are many potential pitfalls, including the risk of fraud, government penalties, and higher costs.

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Our team is committed to understanding your goals, finding optimal solutions and supporting immigration projects of any complexity.

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Consultation on relocation to Ukraine
Obtaining a residence permit in Ukraine
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Obtaining a visa
Business trip to Ukraine
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