Dispute Resolution

Helping you in the achieving victory in a legal dispute

dispute resolution

According to effective laws and regulations of Ukraine, both individuals and legal entities have a right to take a legal action for the protection of their rights, freedoms and interests both in the private sphere and when the state authorities of Ukraine exercise their powers. Disputes have always been and will always be where the assets exist which are desired to be received, retrieved or taken away.

Due to the frequent changes in legislation and regulatory requirements, it is very easy to make mistakes that will significantly affect the possibility of further acquiring ownership of assets. That is why it is best to analyze the evidences and prepare the necessary procedural documents by competent lawyers. At the same time, it is important to understand that such an attorney at law should not only be an excellent attorney at law, but also understand the intricacies of your dispute. After all, it is a good specialist who will be able to develop a winning strategy and calculate all costs (including legal costs) and how to recover the costs incurred, in advance.

That is why, when taking a legal action, the most important elements in the process of your support are competently prepared and correctly executed procedural documents. At the same time, it is necessary not only to submit documents to the court and wait for its decision, but also to be present there in person when considering your case. Participation in the court hearing is the main stage in obtaining the result you need. Also, many winning cases can be lost at this stage without proper accompaniment by an attorney at law.

Therefore, if a litigation is inevitable or has already begun, you need to consult with the appropriate lawyers with the right experience and understanding of the applicable specifics of the law.

How we can help

Dispute resolution in court by lawyers of the Law Firm Availawle is carried out by specialists with experience in litigation and consists of a comprehensive analysis of your issue, choice of optimal solutions, preparation of legally proper documents, development of a legal position for a specific case, professional support of your case at its all stages, as well as the realization of other procedural rights of the client. At the same time, if you contact our lawyer in a timely manner, we guarantee high chances of getting the result you seek.

We provide
Pre-trial dispute settlement and negotiations
Disputes with state authorities
Business disputes with counterparties
Disputes with tax and custom authorities
Disputes with business partners or directors
Real Estate disputes
Construction disputes
Disputes on collection of debts and fines
Disputes on Reimbursement of damages
Bringing the debtor to criminal liability
Contract Disputes
Infringement of Intellectual Property rights Disputes
Goodwill protection Disputes
Detecting for property and funds of the debtor