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сопровождение бизнеса

According to the World Bank, Ukraine took 64th place in the overall standings of the Doing Business 2020 rating. This is due to the softening of the requirements for the export of goods and services, as well as the effective reformation of growing business sectors in the domestic market. One of the key features of improving the business climate in Ukraine is the massive digitalization of the economy. Ukrainian government implemented possibilities to submit requests to government agencies, enter into agreements and carry out registration actions in electronic form or online.

However, doing business in Ukraine is still often risky depending on a particular business sector. At first glimpse, it may seem that for a successful business, it is enough to submit financial statements on time, but many features are depending on the legal form of the business, statutory documents, the establishment of personnel records, counterparties, the obligations assumed by the business and many other factors.

When doing business outside Ukraine, it is important to pay due attention to the regulatory rules for the avoidance of double taxation, tax incentives, currency control, income taxation, certification of goods, the text of contracts with counterparties, the drafting of all policies. All these areas are beyond the power of one in-house lawyer to carry out. Moreover, upon establishing the fact of violation of regulatory requirements the company incurs legal liability, which is often not only costly, but also always may cause reputational risks.

Nowadays, in order to increase the efficiency of a business, it is necessary to improve its flexibility, mobility, and frugality. Outsourcing of legal support of a business to experienced lawyers is one of the steps to increase business efficiency.

How we can help

Legal support of business by the law firm Availawle consists of full support of both specific projects at any stage of their implementation, whether it is an analysis of legal risks in a specific industry when a business enters the market or registration of a company for specific purposes, and full legal support of a business. At the same time, our lawyers are able to prescribe in advance the potential risks of your business, understand your goals, protect your business, find optimal solutions in stalemate situations of any complexity.

We provide
Counterparties Due Diligence
Consulting on setting up a business in Ukraine
Opening bank accounts in foreign banks
Registration of company abroad
Registration of representative offices, foreign companies, subsidiaries
Consultation on the stay of a foreigner in Ukraine
Obtaining a visa for foreign employees
Obtaining a residence permit for foreign employees
Obtaining a work permit for foreign employees
Representing of a non-resident in state bodies
Drafting and implementing policies for business
Drafting and analyzing cross-border contracts
Supporting obtainment of licenses and permits
Supporting of labor controversies
Contracts drafting and reviewing
Claims and dunning letters drafting
Legal supporting of inspections
Drafting tender documentation
Drafting employment documentation
Drafting employee safety and health documentation