Privacy Policy

Date August 01, 2020.



Website (hereinafter “we”) is serious about protecting the information of its visitors and customers (hereinafter “you”, “website visitors”).

This Privacy Policy guides what kind of data is collected and stored, and for what purpose we use it on the website.



The present policy applies to personal data and information that is collected on the website, namely: name, surname, phone number, e-mail address and / or IP address or other personal data provided by you when you visit the website.

This policy does not apply to other resources, links to which may be indicated on the website. We are not responsible for the privacy policies or content of third party`s resources.



When you visit and use our website, we may collect and process the following types of personal data:

• your name and contact information (such as phone number and email address).

• your consent (for processing personal data / using cookies / receiving newsletters, etc.).

• cookies.

• parameters and settings of Internet browsers (User-agent)

We collect only those personal data that are deliberately and voluntarily provided by you as a subject of personal data in order to use the website, which is the consent of the subject of personal data to the processing of his personal data in accordance with this policy.



We use the information received by the website solely to provide you with the best possible service and for statistical purposes.

We may transfer your personal data to consultants who need access to such information in order to provide services on our behalf.

We do not disclose or transfer personal data of website visitors to other website visitors.

We do not provide personal data of visitors to other persons in the free access, we will never sell it and will never transfer it to third parties. The only exceptions are cases when the provision of such information is required by state bodies established by the applicable legislation of Ukraine.

We publish and distribute reports only based on anonymous information. These reports will never contain information that can be used to identify a specific visitor. We also use anonymous information for internal analysis in order to improve the quality of the site's service.



With regard to your personal data that we process, you have the following rights:

  • Right to access – you may ask us to provide you with a copy of your personal data held by us, in an electronic format;

  • Right to rectification – you may ask us to correct, update and/or otherwise amend your inaccurate or incomplete personal data held by us;

  • Right to object – you may object to the processing of your personal data;

  • Right to restrict processing – you may restrict the processing of your personal data;

  • Right to erasure – you may ask us to delete all your personal data we hold;

  • Right to data portability – you may ask us to transfer your personal data to you or to a third party designated by you;

  • Right to withdraw your consent – you may withdraw your consent to processing of your personal data, whenever the processing is undertaken based on such consent;

  • Right to file a complaint – you may file a complaint to a competent state authority regarding the processing of your personal data.

To exercise any of the above rights in relation to the processing of personal data, you must send a request to the following address:

We will consider any reasonable request from you without causing any undue delay (in any event, this will be done within 30 days of receiving such a request). Taking into account the complexity and the number of requests we receive, this period may be extended if necessary.



This website uses cookies to improve the experience with you.

Cookies are files containing a small amount of information sent to a web browser and stored on a visitor’s device. Such devices include a computer, mobile phone or other devices with which the user visits the Website. Cookies can be eternal (called permanent cookies) and stored on the computer until the visitor deletes them or temporary (such cookies are called session cookies), these are stored only until the browser is closed. In addition, cookies are divided into the basic (they are set directly by the visited website) and extraneous (set by other websites).

We try to make the use of the websites as comfortable as possible, for this we need to analyze the behavior, preferences, and interests of the visitor using cookies. Such an analysis will help us to improve the experience of interacting with the website, determine the most convenient interface and navigation.
We use a combination of first-party and third-party cookies, as well as session and persistent cookies. We have categorized these cookies as “mandatory” and “supplementary”.
“Mandatory Cookies” are essential for the full functionality of our website and therefore we may store these cookies on your device only if they are strictly necessary for the operation of our website.
“Supplementary Cookies” may be used for content and ads personalization as well as for gathering analytics data. Supplementary Cookies are divided into:
Functional Cookies – help you remember your preferences and settings. Your preferences (such as language or layout) are saved via these Cookies; the next time you visit, our website will recognize these settings and deliver the customized version to your browser.
Performance Cookies – by collecting and reporting information anonymously, these Cookies help us to understand how our website visitors interact with the website. They also help us to detect various attacks on our website.
Targeting Cookies – these cookies are used to track the activities of our website visitors on other sites. In doing so, they help us deliver advertisements that best meet the needs of our visitors. This ensures that these advertisements are more valuable for both you and the advertisers.



Website may have links to other websites which are not associated with us and belong to third parties. We are not responsible for the quality of the information, the accuracy of the information provided on the websites of third parties, and we do not undertake any obligations to maintain the confidentiality of the information provided on such sites by you.



Amendments and alterations to this policy can be made from time to time and without prior notice to the visitor about this, including when the requirements of the law are changed. In case of a significant amendment to this policy, we will inform about it on the Website and mention the date on which these amendments enter into force. If during the indicated period you do not refuse to accept them in a written form, this means that you agree to the corresponding policy amendments. We ask you to review the policy from time to time in order to be aware of any changes or additions.



We make every effort to comply with this privacy policy; however, we cannot warrant the security of information in case of factors beyond our control, which may influence our operations that may result in the disclosure of your data. Website and all information published on that website is listed as-is without any guarantees. We do not bear responsibility for any losses due to limited access to URL website, or by accessing the website and using the information published on the website.



If you have any question regarding our policies, please contact us at